Same Day Crowns

We are proud to offer our patients Same Day Crowns using CEREC technology!

CAD/CAM technology has truly changed the way we are able to practice dentistry. Using the most current version (Omnicam) we are able to take live, full-color, video imaging of your teeth and surrounding structures. These images are used to create three-dimensional digital models. Using these models, we can design and fabricate almost any restoration whether it be a crown, bridge, or onlay. We can even use it to restore dental implants!


  • Reduced Trips to the Office – While a conventional crown requires a minimum of two visits to the office (and usually two rounds of local anesthetic), Cerec crowns are completed in just one visit and often times in less than 2 hours.
  • No Goopy/Gagging Impressions – Conventional crowns require making molds whereas Cerec crowns are fabricated using a digital imaging process with a small video camera.
  • No Temporary Crowns – After preparing a tooth for a conventional crown, a temporary crown has to be worn while a lab fabricates the final crown. These temporaries can be uncomfortable and often fall off. Since Cerec crowns are fabricated in one visit, there is no need for temporaries.
  • Digital Accuracy – Conventional crowns rely on the accuracy of impression materials and hand skills of a lab technician. While these are usually quite accurate, the digital impression system eliminates the human-error factor
  • Strong Biocompatible Material – While many traditional crowns are fabricated in 2 or more layers which can result in chipping or fractures at the junction, Cerec crowns are milled from one solid ceramic block.  Additionally, these restorations can actually be bonded to teeth resulting in extra retention.
  • Patient Education – using the newest camera (Omnicam), we are now able to show patients (in full-color) exactly what their teeth look like.


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