An Onlay is a tooth-colored, ceramic restorations that is, in essence, a partial crown.  This treatment is often indicated when restoring molars with partial fractures or teeth with large defective restorations that still have a fair amount of healthy remaining tooth structure.

Some of the advantages of using an Onlay vs. Filling or Crown

  • Conservation of tooth structure – While a crown requires covering the entire chewing surface of a tooth, an Onlay allows the dentist to conserve solid tooth structure
  • Long-term durability – Although modern Composite Fillig materials are very strong, ceramic materials still hold up better over time especially in chewing locations
  • Indirect fabrication – Placing a filling is done directly in the mouth which limits the dentists ability to form the restoration. An Onlay is fabricated indirectly meaning the dentist or technician has full control over the margins and contour of the restoration.

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