Dentures are a cost-effective way of replacing one or more missing teeth. The process involves using acrylic teeth that are attached to a framework. That framework is then held in place by remaining teeth or other intraoral structures. The resulting prosthesis is considered removable since the it can be taken in and out of the patients mouth.

Partial Denture – When a patient has some remaining teeth, a partial denture can be fabricated to replace only the teeth that are missing. The denture’s framework can be made of a flexible acrylic material or metal.

Complete Denture – If the patient is missing all of the teeth in an arch (upper or lower), a complete denture can be fabricated to replace all teeth. The prosthesis is held in place by the suction created by the denture and the patients palate (upper) or bony ridge (lower).

Overdenture – This is a relatively new treatment option for patients who are without teeth. While dentures are usually a very good option for replacing the appearance of teeth, they often times do not function nearly as well as natural teeth. Using Dental Implants, we can now secure these dentures making them much more functional for our patients. To learn more about how implants could improve your quality of life, click here!

***** A reminder to our denture patients, it is important that you see a dentist at least once/year to evaluate the fit of your denture(s) and to check your intraoral tissues.