Porcelain Veneers – This procedure consists of adhering a thin porcelain laminate to the front surface of teeth. This treatment is often used when a complete smile make over is desired.  Veneers are used to treat a variety of unfavorable dental conditions such as discolorations, size or shape discrepancies, crowding, rotations, gaps, and more.

If you find yourself trying to hide your smile, Veneers could be the treatment that gives you that confident, radiant smile you deserve.

Advantages of Veneers Treatment

  • Minimal Tooth Reduction – Often times, veneers can be done with NO Removal of Tooth Structure. If tooth reduction is needed, it is much more conservative than crowns, because only the front surface of the tooth is affected.
  • Durability – Because the porcelain is non-porous, the shade and luster will not fade.
  • High Aesthetics – Modern porcelain laminates are able to mimic the shades and translucent properties of natural teeth.
  • Ideal Size, Shape, and Color – Instead of working directly in the patients mouth, the veneers are fabricated indirectly by a lab technician. This allows the dentist and technician to have complete control of the size, shape and color.