Comprehensive examinations – During your first visit, we will collect all the diagnostic information needed to address any of your dental concerns and to formulate a treatment plan that will ensure your optimal oral health.

Root Canal Therapy – When a tooth becomes infected or problematic, this treatment is used to remove the diseased tissue from the tooth. Although this treatment has a bad reputation, modern technology has made this procedure virtually painless.

Extractions – At times, it may not be possible or necessary to restore a tooth. However, we can also offer multiple options for replacing any extracted tooth.

Oral Appliances – We use a variety of appliances to treat a number of problems such as grinding/clenching, TMD (temperomandibular disorder), snoring, and more.

Athletic Mouthguards – If you have an athlete in the family participating in contact sports, we can make a custom mouth guard made to fit you and you only.  Available in a number of school colors, this individualized mouth guard will protect the teeth from impact, minimize risk of concussion in contact sports, and fit slim enough it won’t obstruct the airway.

Emergency Services – We understand that urgent dental needs always occur at the most inopportune times. We will always try to see emergency patients that day. If it happens to be on a weekend or Holiday, you will always be able to communicate with one of our on-call dentists.