BSDA Dental Savings Plan

No Dental Insurance? No Problem!

Plan Details:

  • Annual Preventative Care for just $349 (save over $150!)
  • This plan includes all of your preventative care (2 cleanings, exams and x-rays).
  • Additional family members can be added for just $299
  • Additional benefits include 15% off any needed treatment, 20% off orthodontics and 25% off any OTC merchandise.

Why this Plan is Better than Insurance:

  • No waiting period
  • No limitations
  • No “non-covered services”
  • Only pay for services you receive

*** The secret is eliminating the middle man –  the Insurance Company. By removing this administrative monster, we are able to offer our patients reduced fees and put the relationship back to where it belongs – between dentist and patient.

We would love to share more information with you about how this plan can work for you, your family or even your business!

Please call us at 207-282-9962 to speak with a team member today.